RPG Publishing

I love roleplaying games. So much so that I even once taught a class on them. To me, roleplaying games are just another medium for storytelling, but one that is more collaborative and improvisational than almost any other. The stories told around the gaming table can be epic, funny, tragic, heartfelt, and more, but they are all unexpected.

Starting in 2017, I began work as a freelance writer and editor for tabletop roleplaying games. At Reckoning of the Dead, a blog that I co-wrote with Matt Ryan, we wrote weekly one-page scenarios and additional articles about roleplaying and horror. Over the next four years, I was lucky to write several scenarios with notable creators, and I edited several dozen products for publication. I’ve included a few highlights below.

Harlem Unbound

When the first edition of Harlem Unbound came out, it shook the world of gaming, bringing the issues of representation and racism to the gaming table in ways never seen before.

For the second edition, I was invited to contribute a scenario set in the Dreamlands, called “An Ode for the Lost.” (You have no idea how many permutations the title went through.) It was an honor to contribute to this project, and I’m still very proud of the result.

Miskatonic Repository

On the Miskatonic Repository, Chaosium’s online repository for fan-made scenarios and supplements, Matt Ryan and I released two scenarios.


Chaosium invited us to contribute “PLAGUE” as one of the first five scenarios released on the Miskatonic Repository, to drum up excitement. It’s now a silver bestseller on DriveThruRPG, and still one of my favorite scenarios.

The second scenario, “A Lark in a Cage,” was written by myself with additional artwork and layout by Matt. It’s now a copper bestseller.

For M.T. Black

M.T. Black remains one of the most prolific and influential creators on the DM’s Guild (the Dungeons & Dragons version of the Miskatonic Repository). Working with M.T., I copyedited nine products between 2018 and 2020, including Mordenkainen’s Tome of Marvelous Magic, now an adamantine bestseller (the highest category that the DMs Guild offers — there are only 73 other products that have reached the adamantine level).

Pelgrane Press

My work with Pelgrane Press was remarkably diverse. As the Publishing Assistant, I wrote articles and blog posts, performed developmental edits on forthcoming products, managed the transfer of old articles from a former website to the current one, and spearheaded their expansion on YouTube and Twitch, growing the latter platform from 0 to over 400 followers.

Session Zero

Session Zero: An Introduction to the World of Roleplaying Games, written by John C. Byram and edited by myself, explains the world of roleplaying games to those who have never played and want to know what all the fuss is about. In 2020, the book won a Silver ENnie award for Best RPG Related Product.

System Design

I’ve occasionally tried my hand at system design as well. Over at itch.io, you can find my game Ringtrees, where you play out the life of, yes, a tree, one year at a time, or Axylus, my game about the lovelives of giant robot pilots.