Audio & Sound Design

Podcasts & Sound Design

My latest podcast project was “Burgess Springs,” an immersive audio drama that I co-wrote with Elisabeth Strayer. In addition to writing it, I served as the project’s sound designer. It was a wonderful learning experience, and I’m so, so proud of what we produced on a shoestring budget and with the help of our friends. Seventeen years ago, a teenager named Sarah Reed vanished from the Burgess mine. Now she’s back, but she hasn’t aged a day…

My first podcast project was “COVEN: An Actual-Play Podcast,” which I produced and edited. COVEN was an “actual play,” myself and three other cast members played a series of tabletop roleplaying games, collaboratively telling an ongoing horror story in a setting of our own design. I’d love to return to that world, someday.

Audio Editing

Since cutting my teeth on audio editing (grinding those teeth against the stone of perfectionism), I’ve begun freelance audio editing, primarily audio interviews for companies like Lumar.